Frozen Chicken Meat

Chicken Meat v/s Turkey Meat: Which Is Healthier for You?

With so many categories of meat available in the market, people are often confused about going for chicken meat or Turkey. If a new supplier claims that chicken meat is healthier than Turkey. On the flip side, turkey meat manufacturers say that Turkey is the best in the market. Nutrients When we look at the basic nutrient profile of both of them, both of the meat has a similar profile. They are considered white meat and come from the same family. They have low-calorie and are very appealing to the people who want to lose weight. There is no difference between their calorie counts but tur...
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Top 5 Benefits of Duck, Turkey and Chicken Meat

We all know that people eat Duck, Turkey and Chicken meat for enhanced nutrition in the body. There are various advantages of meat. Let us try to understand all of them. Nutrition Highly nutritious and also very delicious: If you’re trying to become nutritious and have good immunity, you should definitely go for meat. It has a lot of nutrients and encourages good metabolism. It has higher amounts of iron than any other thing and is very healthy. It has a very succulent texture and also has a rich taste. Carbohydrate It does not contain any carbohydrates which mean that it does not hav...
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