Chicken Meat v/s Turkey Meat: Which Is Healthier for You?

With so many categories of meat available in the market, people are often confused about going for chicken meat or Turkey. If a new supplier claims that chicken meat is healthier than Turkey. On the flip side, turkey meat manufacturers say that Turkey is the best in the market.


When we look at the basic nutrient profile of both of them, both of the meat has a similar profile. They are considered white meat and come from the same family. They have low-calorie and are very appealing to the people who want to lose weight. There is no difference between their calorie counts but turkey has comparatively low calories.


Now let us talk about fats. When you want to lose weight, poultry is the best. When you have to choose between chicken and turkey, turkey wins this battle also.


Now let us talk about the protein count. Both my babies have a very high amount of protein but Turkey has more protein than chicken and is definitely healthier.

Vitamin C

There is usually no significant difference between both of the kinds of meats available in the market, but chicken breast has more vitamin C than a chicken leg. Therefore, even while we are talking about a specific kind of meat, we have different factors that are prevalent in them.


If we talk about the taste, well, they are not consumed directly. These are actually marinated and various dishes are made. Both of them fall into the similar category of meat available in the market.

The bottom line

Both of them can be a very healthy part of your diet. Most importantly, they help to lose weight. Both of them have protein, calories, vitamins, minerals and also fat instead you think is one over the other depending upon your personal preferences. The bottom line is that both of them are rich in proteins and also your own decision depends upon your nutrition goal and your personal health goals.

It totally depends upon your personal preferences. However, having the best quality is important to satisfy your taste buds. Alqamarfarms suggests you, try both of them once and you will see what is best for you. We are a reputed supplier of chicken meat and Turkey.

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