Fresh and Frozen Turkey Meat Supplier: Why Meat Quality Matters When Picking Your Turkey?

With many people going for frozen meat these days, it is important to know why Turkey meat needs to be of the best quality and need to be absolutely fresh. There are many turkey meat suppliers available in the market but the best of the meat is only available with a few of them. There are various duck meat manufacturers but it is important to know which one is the best.

Let us try to understand why the right kind of turkey is important.


With so many diseases coming out of animals, you should go for organic turkey meat and recognise whether it is the right one or not. There are a lot of factors that are associated with the meat being organic. An organic turkey is the one that has never been fed with chemicals, any growth hormones and also antibiotics.

Self Basted

When you know that the turkey is organic, it should also be self basted. It means that the meat should be moist and full of flavour. When the meat is frozen in the factories, it can lead to a lot of dryness and this is the reason why people do not taste any flavour in it.

Heritage Breed

The turkey needs to be of the heritage breed. All the turkeys that are sold in markets are usually a single breed. Some small farmers that are negative me focus on other breeds. With so many options available in the market, you should definitely go for the heritage breed of Turkey so that you can have the best kind of meat available at your home.

Frozen vs Fresh

Now that you know why picking the right talking is important, you must also know that there is a lot of difference between frozen turkey and fresh turkey. Fresh turkey is way better than the frozen one and also leads to the enhancement of flavours when it is cooked.

Any turkey which is frozen below 0° Fahrenheit is termed as frozen. They are defrosted or sold as it is. However, picking the right kind is what matters. Alqamarfarms is the largest manufacturer, exporter and supplier of quality Turkey. We are known for our quality.

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